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  • Our Risk, Our Responsibility

    What is the OneGoal Initiative for Governance?

    The OneGoal Initiative was launched in Geneva in 2021 by Alève Mine, the first advisor on risk recursion, in the framework of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS). It tackles risks that are not being covered by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), nor by our current governance processes. Indeed such risks are accruing and related losses piling up below our radar just as you are reading this.


    The Goal can be formulated as: to attain an informed form of self-sustainability, based on a strategic management of our homeostasis within our environment in the light of current knowledge.


    In other words, to match our pursuits with our topology including our environment in a way that prevents an unnecessary premature disappearance of our life potential at individual and species levels, most peculiarly at the level of persons exercising power, in the short- mid- and long term.

    Supported SDGs and WSIS action lines

    The Initiative supports all SDGs, being a fundamental sine qua non question. In addition, it supports SDG 17 for partnerships for the goals in that it encourages and supports a more powerfully coordinated global action, in particular targets 17.13 to “enhance global macroeconomic stability, including through policy coordination and policy coherence” and 17.14 “Enhance policy coherence for sustainable development”, SDG 8 and SDG 12 by showing how to optimize activity and economic growth for ultimate sustainability, and to SDG 9 as innovation is at the heart of the issue tackled.


    The Initiative supports WSIS action lines C1 and C11 as basic requirements for all players to collaborate, C2 as a basic infrastructure, C4 and C10 as basic functions, and C6 in a way to empower intended activity based on governance structures. The initiative adds to C3 in that it capitalizes more deeply on existing knowledge and enhance the access of the decision makers themselves to knowledge. C5 would be facilitated by the trustworthiness of ICTs where this may be attained, C7 by helping build on scientific knowledge through a common reference model while taking into account "plan B" resilience considerations. C8 and C9 are here prerequisites to C3.

    Current Status of the Issue

    We are well on our way into a process that involves distinct mechanisms that inexorably raise risks and boomerang them back into all corners of society. The missing part of our knowledge about causalities, concurrently to our current approach to governance, opens the door to biases about the expected incidence of our strategy, incidence which knows no barriers, impacting on oneself and one’s descendants, in particular as seen from a position out of which one is able to otherwise assert oneself or exercise power, which provides a false sense of relative safety.


    Here a prominent example for a type of systemic risk accumulation, referring to some of these mechanisms only: today, as our system raises our energy efficiency without fully safeguarding from other side effects of the activity thus fueled or from risk rebounds, not only do risk realisation probabilities rise non-linearly, but the Value at Risk in individual risks do, too. Our options for strategic planning to forego those risks are also melting away, be it on Earth or on Mars.

    History of the issue

    We humans got here through a fear of future insufficiency, an inevitable lack of knowledge and a capacity of judgement battered down by constraints at individual and group levels since our dawn.

    Alternative to the Initiative

    To continue on our path fatally below par, which, in the light of systemic dynamics across time, would cause avoidable loss.

    Call to Action

    1. A shift in thinking from group-centered toward systemic and conceptual. Anything else cuts the branch the group is sitting on. 
    2. Disclosures of projects, allegiances, concerns and affiliations, made available live to discussion partners, allowing them to argue on the basis of that information.
    3. Funding of a qualified team to launch the OneGoal Initiative approach.
  • Draft Memorandum of Understanding

  • The OneGoal Initiative MoU

    Open for discussion. Signatory link below.

  • The Parties to this Memorandum,

    CONSIDERING the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and all related agendas, strategies and milestones,

    OBSERVING that the human system has not been made durable by any of our interventions to date and that our current efforts will not substantially ameliorate any issue that led us to our current level of risk and damage,

    RESOLVING the necessity of having a minutiously informed and conceptually enhanced systemic and global approach in the short term as well as the long term as the unique goal and guiding principle for us to thrive,

    SEEING that the value of individual and organisational straightforwardness must be lived in order to activate the ability of humanity to make the choices that will allow it to reach its potential,

    KNOWING and embracing the conviction that durable and sound human prosperity carries an immeasurable and immense value from all points of view,

    KNOWING and embracing the percipience that enhancing the health and social potential of the weak and the elderly to the full extent of our possibilities is at the core of an expedient civilization,

    STRESSING the criticality for groups, individuals and processes, including artificial intelligence and other automation, to thoroughly embody the above in order for any human to genuinely thrive,

    Declare aiming:

    • To be open to a shift in thinking from group-centered toward systemic and conceptual.
    • To introduce mandatory disclosures of projects, allegiances, concerns and affiliations, made available live to all discussion partners in governance processes, allowing these partners to argue on the basis of that information, for participants to any kind and level of governance discussions, and to establish in the most effective way possible accountability with regard to these disclosures.
    • To engage in understanding, conserving and communicating forward in locally understandable form the goal considered by the Initiative, such that further parties join the effort to reach it.
    • To support the establishment and enabling of a global team to launch the required actions for the implementation of this single common goal.
    • To mobilize their resources in order to henceforth move toward this goal to the full extent of their ability as the recognition of the issue thereby tackled renders the required action obvious or insights and strategies established in collaboration with the created team call for it.
    • To continuously invest themselves in collaborative and creative thinking in designing the best actions in this context, maintaining the reassuring awareness that we humans have the ability to adjust the created system.
    • To coordinate measures with all actors globally in accordance with this unique goal.
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    You can sign the Memorandum of Understanding in your name or for other parties that you are entitled to represent.

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